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We are glad to announce, that the pre-order for our first full length album TAGTRAUM has started. Tagtraum will be released on 30/10/2018 as digital download on bandcamp.

Take a listen to the full first song of Tagtraum:

SPÄTREGEN - Egoismus unseres Seins (OFFICIAL)

Tagtraum will consist out of 7 tracks with a playing time in total of 49 minutes. Detailed information about the Tagtraum can be found here.

Pre-Order now and download 2 tracks of the upcoming album for imidiate download!

Tagtraum rythm guitar recordings

It has been a while I provided you with some information about the current recording process. Beginning with the fact, that some delays occured in my time scedule for the recording of rythm guitars. This was mainly because I have cut one of my fingertips fairly deep. This made me unable to continue the recordings for the remaining two last songs.

However I have now finally finished the work on recording rythm guitars and I will continue the work on the lead guitars as soon as my ordered guitar strings find the way into my mailbox.

There will be some samples of the lead guitar recordings.

Until then cook and cut save!


Tagtraum bass recordings

We finished the bass recordings for the upcoming album Tagtraum last weekend. Scharnoth did an amazing job laying down the basement for the following guitar recordings. The sound is simply outstanding. We are very confident, that it will turn out perfect in the final mix.

Revealing new album title

It has been a while I provided you with news about the upcoming album. Now it’s time to reveal the title of this album. It’s named:


This is German and means as much as “revery” or “daydream”. Capturing an afflatus which I had during my travel through Sweden and Norway, happening surrounded by giant trees. I fell in a condition of revery with some lasting impressions. On the spur of this moment I began to write down my thoughts. These basic thoughts grew to a bigger structure which resulted in the lyrical roots of this new album. This revery will also be discribed in one of the songs and is the reason for the naming of the upcoming album.

I hope I could give you a short impression about the fundamentals of the new album.


Launching new webpage

I am glad to inform you that Spätregen’s official webpage just went live. I see this webpage as a very good possibility to serve you with our current news. If you don’t want to miss anything I engage you to subscribe to our newsletter. It’s the best way to keep you informed about what’s going on with our music. If you already own a copy of Schattenwandler please feel free to write a review on our shop page. If you haven’t got the EP Schattenwandler you can download it here for free . Feel free to reply to our latest news and share your thoughts on them! If you want to get in contact with us simply use this contact form.

Thanks so much for being part of this network and for all your support! I highly appreciate it!